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We offer regular tastings of wine and food. See the panel on the front page of the site or the tasting page for details of dates.

With an extensive range of beers, wine and sherry from England and around the world, we can help you choose the perfect drinks for a party or just something for a Tuesday night supper at home. We can also advise you choosing drinks for special occasions and we host tasting evenings regularly.


We have been sent this review of one our Portugese wines which we thought might be interesting to you... if you would like to send in a review of a wine or product that we stock, please contact Jill

James' and Patricia's report on D.O.C Dão Cabriz, 2012, Portugal. White grapes blend

We say: anyone opening this bottle and expecting to find white wine that is lean, mean and petillant, will be happily surprised by the wine from start to finish. The Beira Alta region of Portugal has progresses in recent years from rustic backwater to sophisticated vinification. The area's vineyards include ideal climate and slope aspects as well as distinctive grape varieties.

The bottle itself is well-designed and elegant with a Cabriz-branded short, dense cork. We chilled the bottle to 8ºC. The colour is a pleasant, clear, yellow-ish straw with no bubbles, viscosity was clean and well-blended. Aroma was somewhat of nectarine and flowers, and slow swishy tasting suggested white grape and yellow stone fruit like apricot. The finish lingers pleasantly with no sudden dropping away, a complexity and uniqueness is present.

We had the wine with a mild, whitefish pie.

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