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The page where we tell you about some of the new items on our shelves...


Peugeot Salt and Pepper Mills

The first Peugeot pepper mill was produced in 1874 and the iconic Lion symbol had been trademarked in 1854 for their coffee mills which they started with. Peugeot mills have been regarded as 'top of class' by many users for many years now.


Tagines from Emile Henry

In 1848 Jacques Henry, discovered the world of ceramics in a small workshop in Marcigny, Burgundy.

By 1900 La Maison Henry pottery was on the tables in Paris. In 1982 the name was changed to Emile Henry in honour of their grandfather. In 2005 'Flame ceramic' came about with the ability to take heat on the hob and be used in the oven - as now available with the wonderful tagines we have on sale.



Nutmeg graters and decent nut crackers

Frying pans from Kuhn Rikon





Morels Mushrooms 

Morels are one of the most desired wild mushrooms in the world. Unlike the texture of other mushrooms, morels have a meaty texture and an earthy and nutty flavour. Morels are not farmed and each is hand-picked in its natural environment which is reflected in its price. 

Morels can be stewed, added to omelettes, chopped up and used in sauces to serve with steak, fried in butter or olive oil and served on toast or put in casseroles. 


Porcini Mushrooms

Porcini mushrooms are generally agreed by connoisseurs to be amongst the finest eating mushrooms. Not only do they taste good, they are also good for you! These mushrooms have a high protein count which makes them a great meat alternative in vegetarian dishes. 

They can be used in sauces, soups, stews, as a topping for steak, chicken or fish, in pasta dishes or risottos or even as a pizza topping! 


The Oxfordshire Chilli Garden

The Oxfordshire Chilli Garden is run through a two-centre operation in Eynsham. After tracing back their origins to expat days in Singapore and growing a few chilli plants on the balcony, they decided to have a go at growing them in the UK. Despite the temperamental British weather, their first African Bird's Eye plant thrived and produced hundreds of chillies. They then started to experiment with other varieties, taking the seeds from one of the pods and growing even more plants. 

All of the chilli plants start off in Eynsham, where they sow the seeds in propagators indoors at the beginning of the growing season (usually between January and March). After this, they are then potted up and moved into small heated greenhouses where they are able to take advantage of the longer, brighter days. In May, the young plants are then transported into bigger pots and are taken to the much bigger greenhouse in Witney where the plants can continue to grow upwards and outwards. The ripe chillies are then brought back to Eynsham where they are dried, packaged and dispatched. 

Although the chillies aren't organic, they are grown whilst keeping a very close eye on the environment. All of the plants are grown in pots in compost containing a minimal amount of peat and whenever possible we water them with rainwater collected in troughs and are fed with organic liquid feed. Bees and hoverflies help to pollinate the plants in summer and they rely on biological pest control (ladybirds and lacewings).


Dried Chillies, Moderately hot

For spicy Italian dishes you need a real Italian chilli, and these peperoncino are absolutely perfect. Simply re-hydrate in very hot water for 20 minutes then use as required. 

Smoky Lucianos 

Smoked and Dried Chillies, Moderately Hot

Add a touch of smoky heat to Italian classics like penne arrabbiata, lasagna and spaghetti Bolognese with these cherrywood-smoked Italian peperoncino peppers. Alternatively, use them instead of chipotles in Mexican and Tex-Mex dishes. 

Lemon Drop

Dried Chillies, Moderately Hot

Also known as the Aji Limon, this lemon flavoured chilli is excellent in seafood and poultry dishes. Simply re-hydrate in very hot water for 20 minutes then use as required. 


Smoked and Dried Chillies, Moderately Hot

Add fire and smoke to Mexican and Tex-Mex dishes with these cherrywood-smoked and dried Jalapenos. Simply re-hydrate in very hot water for 20 minutes then use as required. 

Indian Red

Dried Chillies, Hot

Perfect for spicy Indian curries, pickles and chutneys, this versatile chilli also makes a great all-rounder. Simply re-hydrate in very hot water for 20 minutes then use as required. 

Piri Piri

Dried Chillies, Very Hot

This little chilli (also known as the Bird's Eye) is excellent for firing up any dish that needs lots of heat. Simply re-hydrate in very hot water for 20 minutes then use as required. 

Scotch Bonnet

Dried Chillies, Extremely Hot

This classic Jamaican chilli is ideal for making jerk dishes, West Indian curries and searing chilli sauces. Simply re-hydrate in very hot water for 20 minutes then use as required. 


Dried Chillies, Extremely Hot

This fabulously fruity chilli is perfect when it comes to creating authentic Mexican dishes, salsas and sauces. Simply re-hydrate in very hot water for 20 minutes then use as required. 

Totally Tropical

Dried Chillies, Extremely Hot

Put fire and passion into Mexican and West Indian dishes with these fabulously fruity Caribbean chillies. Simply re-hydrate in very hot water for 20 minutes then use as required. 


Dried Chillies, Ferociously Hot

One of the world's hottest chillies, the Naga is also packed with fruity flavour and will add real oomph to your cooking. 

Smoke and Fire

Smoked Chilli Powder, Moderately Hot

Use this cherrywood-smoked chilli powder to add smokiness and heat to soups, stews and casseroles or vegetables, cheese and egg dishes. Alternatively, mix it with other herbs and spices to create a rub for meat and fish. 

Peperoncino Powder

Powdered Chillies, Moderately Hot

For spicing up Italian food you need an Italian chilli and that's why this peperoncino powder (made from chillies which have been grown from authentic Calabrian pepper seeds) is absolutely perfect!

Ultimate Pepper

Powdered Chillies and Peppers, Extremely Hot

This fantastically fiery, fabulously fruity blend of hot chillies and sweet peppers is a cry from "ordinary" chilli powder. Use it to create a spicy taste sensation in just about any dish you care to mention. 


Sesi Refillable Detergents

Bring your old bottles in store and fill up with our range of cruelty-free, sustainable, refillable detergents. 

We are currently stocking:

  • Fabric conditioner in Fresh Cologne
  • Washing-up liquid in Spiced Ginger
  • Non-bio Laundry liquid
  • Hand Soap in English Rose
  • Toilet Cleaner in Lotus and Sea Salt
  • Surface Cleaner in Lavender and Rosemary 
  • Hand Delicate Laundry Liquid

Our detergents are supplied by Sesi - a social enterprise local to Oxford. Click here to learn more.

Quality detergents, less plastic waste!


Pinkster Gin, Boozy Berries & Gin Jam!

Fantastic gin infused with raspberries, then the by-product of the gin-infused raspberries that gave the gin its pinkness is bottled as Boozy Berries and those raspberries that have gone mushy? Guess what - they become Gin Jam!

Tom's Pies

Proving to be one of our most popular items! Enjoy a hot pie in our cafe or take home chilled to cook for tea or to put in the freezer! 


Two Birds

A company founded in Leicestershire supplying a great range of spirits in Market Harborough produced in small batches of 100 bottles at a time. The range of Two Birds spirits includes a triple award winning London dry gin, as well as other vodkas and gins. 20cl bottles - £11 each.

After-dinner mint vodka?   Blueberry vodka?  Pop in - we have samples! 



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