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Café & Deli

Added Ingredients: Café & Deli

Deli Counter



Cooked Meat and Paté

Local and Localish

Added Ingredients: Café & Deli

Café Tables

Set up in the shop are three tables - so not for a lot of customers at once!

However what we do offer is a range of drinks including glasses of wine, beer and cider, and open sandwiches and salads based on anything that we sell in the deli counters plus other daily specials. Also our own variety of meze/tapas plates - meats, cheeses, marinated vegetables, salads, breads in the middle of the table for all to share.


Teafusion - The Loose Tea Company

We offer a range of teas - firstly, an honest down-to-earth pot of tea - good Typhoo with freshly boiled water and a warmed pot, or if you prefer something more exotic...

Cardews of Oxford



  • Earl Grey with Blue Cornflower Petals: China black leaf tea with blue cornflowers, scented with natural oil of Bergamot.
  • Peppermint is a highly aromatic herb whose clean invigorating flavour needs no introduction. Its delicious and purifying natural immune boost is a vital ally against a cold or fever, and a cleansing and refreshing way to end a meal as well as aiding digestion.
  • Pure Darjeeling is known as 'The Champagne of Teas' - with a fine, delicate muscatel character.
  • and Breakfast, Green Tea with Jasmine, Lapsang Souchong,Yerba Matte, African Rooibos and a Darjeeling and Assam blend.

The whole range of Dr. Stuart's herbal teas are also available.


Our coffee is Brazilian 100% Arabica from the Brazilian Specialist Coffee Association imported by a small firm, Cafe Origin. Freshly ground for each cup it is a reasonably strong but not bitter coffee. We can offer latte, cappucino, expresso and macchiato or a straight forward black coffee with hot or cold milk on the side.


Our Delicatessen Counter stocks delicious food that can be made up to eat in, take away for a quick lunch, or as ingredients for a fabulous meal at home.

On the counter most days...

Cold Meats
Italian Parma ham
Italian Rosemary ham
Spicy Spanish Chorizo
Napoli salami
Milano salami
Cheese - our cheese counter will usually have these favourites

Cheese counter

Oxford Blue
Oxford Baby Blue
Oxford Mini Blue
Oxford Isis 
Oxford College White
Marksbury Cheddar
Montgomery Cheddar
Snowdonia Black Bomber Cheddar
Parmiggiano Reggiano
Vegetarian Parmesan
Scamorza (smoked mozarella)
Brie de Meaux Donge
Pecorino - dolce, truffata, rosso, pepperanato
range of Portugese cheeses
Bleu Brebis
Drunken Goat
Swalesdale Ewe
Olives and Extras
Sunshine pitted olives, black kalamata pitted, pitted green, almond stuffed green olives, jalapeno stuffed olives - all from Olives et al
Sun-blushed tomatoes
Artichoke hearts
Sweet garlic with herbs
Marinated anchovies
Seafood salad


The breads we sell are delivered daily from our local baker here in Abingdon (Wootton Road), De Gustibus.
All De Gustibus breads are handmade using their own, unique long fermentation process and recipes for maximum flavour and keeping qualities. They are made with fully natural ingredients with no flour improvers or emulsifiers.

Listed here are those we stock most regularly but they do produce many more. Most of their breads can be ordered through us here at Added Ingredients (01235 537405) so by all means visit their web-site too ( see what they have and phone us to order (before 2 p.m. each day for delivery the next day; Friday 2 p.m. for Monday) Some breads are only available at their Borough Market site and shop so if you're lucky enough to visit the famous foodies market do see the rest of his range.
Listed below are some of the breads we sell regulularly:

  • Old Milwaukee Rye
    The American pumpernickel made famouse by New York's Delis as Pastrami on Rye or the famous Reuben Sandwich. Wheat flour 65%, Rye 35%, Molasses, Fat, Egg, Sugar, Salt, Yeast, Caraway
  • Six Day Sourdough
    The ferment is started from a tiny bit on the first day and refreshed for days and then on day six handed up and baked to a succulent but mild bread with excellent keeping qualities. Wheat, rye, wholemeal, sea salt, purified water and malt make this delicious special and yeastless bread
  • Ciabatta
    The classic Italian loaf (the slipper), specially baked with extra virgin olive oil for days of natural freshness and maximum flavour, the softness unique to our creation makes it the best selling ciabatta
  • Tomato Ciabatta
    Italian herbs and sun dried tomatoes give our own creation its special taste
  • Spinach Ciabatta
    Succulent leaf spinach and a hint of spices makes this bread truly unique
  • Garlic Bread
    Forget the pizza place / supermarket kind and indulge in a sourdough ciabatta like flat bread, spiced with our own herb selection and balanced with garlic to give it maximum flavour. Toast it, spread butter on it and be spoiled for choice
  • Olive Focaccia
    Soft and moist with a distinctive taste of fine blended herbs and green and black olives finished with extra virigin olive oil, good eaten on its own, grilled, filled or topped, you will find nothing like it
  • Fresh Rosemary & Sea Salt Focaccia
    The classic Italian pre-pizza bread, deliciously eaten with melted cheese or garlic topping, or just on its own
  • Walnut bread
    A rustic loaf made with wheat, rye and wholewheat, walnuts, good with cheese but anything else goes with it as well

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Local & Localish

We are always on the look out for local good producers, and some have become firm favourites having been part of our repertoire since the beginning (2002)


  • De Gustibus breads - baked in Wootton Road, Abingdon
  • Handmade beechwood chopping boards - Abingdon
  • Handmade pottery by Izabela Borzymowska - Wallingford -
  • Handmade pottery by Mia Sarosi here inAbingdon
  • Handmade pottery by Debbie Fielding from Fyfield
  • Handmade pottery by Mags fromKennington
  • Hendred wines - rose and sparkling wines from East Hendred
  • Bothy Vineyard wines - Frilford Heath, Abingdon
  • Free range eggs - The Old Farm Shop, Milton Hill, Abingdon
  • Honey - Radley Road, Abingdon
  • Brightwell Vineyards wines - Wallingford, Oxon
  • Shaken Oak mustards and sauces - Hailey, nr Witney, Oxon
  • Apple juice - Culham House, Culham
  • Oxford Cheese Co. - Marksbury cheddar, Oxford Blue, Oxford Isis, Oxford Ovis, College White
  • Honey - Culham village
  • Anila Curry Sauces - Walton, Surrey
  • Bolitas - Didcot 
Specialising in good food and wine, and providing opportunities to taste interesting food
in convivial surroundings with knowledgable guides since 2002 ...

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